Because everyone needs a project to nerd-out on!

openHAB is an attempt to detail the experience of building a high altitude from the ground up. We will attempt to details the process along with the lessons learned along the way. Obviously, we aren't the first to launch a hot altitude balloon, and we were able to find many great resources along the way.

The project began April 15th, 2012. The project is still in progress.

Our Team

We are a team of four. By day, we share the same employer. By night, we conquer the upper atmosphere. We each bring a vital piece of knowledge to the team.

Spencer Alexander

Spencer handles the electronics of the balloon. One day not too long ago, Spencer stumbled upon a soldering iron and hasn't let go since.

Alex Bamberger

Alex handles the lift aspect of the project (ie balloon, helium, fill volume, etc). Alex doesn't consider any day a success unless he fills at least two spreadsheets full of gas law equations.

Ryan King

Ryan has prepared the camera equipment and the radio communications for our balloon. He also supplies the entire group with puffy jackets on cold days.

Sean Tufts

Sean is in charge of structure and the parachute. With his talent in woodworking, ripping apart a few pieces of foam into an elegant payload will be a breeze. We'll see how well he handles the sewing machine for the parachute.

Major Tom I

Major Tom I is our first project. More information can be found on the Major Tom I Page